The range of services we offer has been designed and packaged to give our motor vehicle dealer clients complete confidence under any conditions.

For over a decade our lawyers have been handling litigation matters for dealer clients flawlessly. Setting the standard for preparation, analysis and client service over a broad range of litigation including alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

In one case handled by VehicuLAW group member A. Irvin Schein, Madam Justice Wailan Low of the Superior Court of Justice gave this testimonial - "The client has had excellent representation. This is apparent in the economy with which the defence was conducted at trial. Thorough and thoughtful preparation and analysis before trial results in shorter trials and it is apparent that the defence of the action was very well prepared. The successful defendant has had a Rolls Royce level of service."

Commercial Matters, Mergers and Acquisitions
VehicuLAW has ample experience servicing all legal aspects of our motor vehicle dealer clients' businesses. They cover franchisor relations, financing arrangements, acquisitions and divestitures and feature a long history of assisting our entrepreneurial clients with tax and succession planning.

Human Resources
VehicuLAW has a deep and fundamental belief in creating and maintaining positive employment policies and programs designed to create a congenial work atmosphere. It is a core value. In order to minimize or avoid employment disputes, we assist clients in creating a positive work environment. If disputes arise, either in a litigation context or before the Ontario Human Rights Commission, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the most positive result at the lowest possible cost.

Corporate Reorganizations and Restructuring
Corporate reorganizations and restructuring are among some of the areas in which we have had the greatest experience with and that we do best. VehicuLAW assists our clients in formulating the best possible negotiation strategies. Where necessary, we will take all the legal steps available to protect clients and their businesses from the consequences of a failing economy, at a time in which their relationships with financial institutions, manufacturers and consumers may become strained.

Real Estate and Leasing Transactions
A feature of the firm since its inception over 65 years ago, VehicuLAW continues the tradition by assisting our motor vehicle dealer clients in the acquisition and disposition of real property by way of purchase or lease. This includes assistance with financing arrangements and contracts for the construction of improvements when creating a dealership on newly acquired land.