Our Mission and Vision   VehicuLAW, as the name suggests, has the specialized legal knowledge and experience of a cross-disciplinary group of lawyers who have each earned the trust and respect of our vehicle dealer clients over many years of partnership. The hallmark of Minden Gross LLP. Individually, the members of the group recognized significant increases in their clients' needs for services that extended beyond their particular acumen and went further afield into areas that challenge the daily operation of their clients' businesses.

What We Know and Believe In   Many of our motor vehicle dealer clients are owner-operated businesses. Nurtured by entrepreneurial people with an extraordinary work ethic and an overwhelming desire to establish and grow their businesses. Minden Gross LLP is built around the same philosophy. VehicuLAW embraces entrepreneurial spirit and seeks to assist it.

The Immediate Need   We see two major reasons for the creation of this powerful legal machine.

The first and most obvious is the economy and the challenges it creates for motor vehicle dealers. Many of our clients are experiencing the need for services in dispute resolution, financing arrangements, financial commitments and human resources. We have also begun to see an increased need for advice in creditor relations, tax planning and succession planning.

Hand in hand with the challenges of the current economic climate change, there have been changes to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. This law contains a multitude of provisions regulating dealer conduct. We are thoroughly familiar with these provisions and ideally positioned to advise our clients.

Group High Performance VehicuLAW includes the membership of these high-performance lawyers:
A. Irvin Schein, Litigation and Group Chair
Hartley R. Nathan, Q.C., Business Law
Tracy Kay, Labour and Employment
Geoffrey Brown, Business Law
Steven Pearlstein, Real Property Law
Timothy R. Dunn, Insolvency Law
Michael A. Goldberg, Tax Law